‘The Malice of Waves’ by Mark Douglas-Home

The Malice of Waves book coverThe tide has been too long coming in with The Malice of Waves by Mark Douglas-Home [London: Penguin, Michael Joseph, 2016] but he has taken this story at the flood. It’s a cracking yarn with the perfect combination of remote locality, small and suspicious community, jealousy, fear, love and loathing, and a great cast of characters, none of whom is easy to like, for one reason or another.

The book brings together the agenda of several different people, more than one storyline and an Atlantic storm in one satisfyingly lethal combination. Central to it all is the complex loner, Dr Cal McGill, an oceanographer, an academic with an instinctive feeling for and understanding of tides, currents and winds. This is his third outing under the guidance of the author and Mark Douglas-Home is keeping up the standard. By telling the stories from several different points of view, he takes us deep into the characters and their motivation, and springs several surprises.

The Outer Hebrides is the setting for this Cal McGill thriller. Where will Mark take him next? Wherever it is, don’t keep us waiting so long for the next one!

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