Should Scotland be independent?

After a short visit to my home country and to the Scottish Borders in particular, I am finding that I have to re-examine my earlier attitudes.  As a Liberal Democrat, the party line is one of opposition to an independent Scotland and to encourage a NO vote in the independence referendum in 2014.  However, every time I have tested the strength of No arguments, such as the assertion that Scotland is subsidised and could not afford independence or that Scotland as a region rather than a country was too small to be viable in a global world, I have found either those who disagree or, more significantly, those who are able to show me evidence to the contrary: that Scotland is not too small nor too dependent on the ‘English’ Exchequer.  There is also, it seems to me, an argument that Scotland’s track record in innovation, ingenuity and sheer intelligence is the equal of many and better than some.  I am going to have to reassess my position.

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