Best Books of 2012: Blog 4 of 12

In alphabetical order of authors, I am posting the details every day over twelve days. My reading included a couple of books from the dim and distant past as well as several hot off the press, one of which I post below. Please comment and offer your own best reads of the year. Here then is my fourth.

“When the Devil Drives” by Chris Brookmyre is a fast-paced murder mystery set in a very contemporary Scotland but the seeds of the, literally, dramatic sudden death were sown in years gone by. The personal story of the private detective and former actress, Jasmine Sharp, is wrapped up into the unfolding narrative and solving of the crime. Saying much more would risk spoiling your enjoyment but if this newly published novel is your first Brookmyre don’t let it be your last. He writes about crime with a mordant wit and a love of language. Verdict: 9 out of 10

Look out for the fifth book tomorrow. Happy reading!

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