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Published 28 April 2017


A True Story


H-Bombs & Hula Girls


Written in collaboration with my fellow Midshipmen


10 months aboard the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Warrior attending Britain's first H-Bomb tests 60 years ago


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‘Expo 58’ by Jonathan Coe

Expo 58 book coverThe first of the post-war World Fairs was held in Brussels in 1958: I remember it well.  Jonathan Coe captures the flavour of it in his recent Expo 58 [London: Viking, 2014].  One of my own tweed designs was on show in the British Pavilion and for no better reason than that I travelled over to see it and to gaze in awe at the many international stands dominated by those of the USA and the USSR, rivals in everything from industry to ideology.  What did Britain hope to gain from its participation?  Coe sums up where Britain was starting from. Read more ...