Rembrandt Sings is my latest novel…


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“A fiendishly clever story written with self-assured panache as told by unreliable narrators. I was torn between a desire to race ahead to find out what would happen next and a wish to linger on and enjoy the prose. Why isn’t this a bestseller?”

Donald Sassoon,
Professor of Comparative European History,
Queen Mary, University of London

“Johnston’s handling of art and duplicity makes for a compelling composition – his colour and originality is tempered with enough sinister, dark and authoritative realism to entrap and engage the reader throughout.”

Philip Mould OBE, Director of Philip Mould & Company,
Specialist Dealer in British Art and Old Masters;
and co-presenter of BBC TV’s Fake or Fortune?


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‘Wild’ by Mike Bartlett – at the Hampstead Theatre

Wild book coverThe play running at Hampstead Theatre, Wild by Mike Bartlett [London: Nick Hern Books, 2016], directed by James Macdonald and designed by Miriam Beuther, deserves to go far. Ably and intelligently performed by Caoilfhionn Dunne, Jack Farthing and John Mackay, Wild presents us with that moment of post-cognitive dissonance in a whistleblower’s life. That moment when, just possibly if he wasn’t such a man of principle, he might just wish the deed undone. But it’s too late. Much too late. It was much too late the instant, that nanosecond after the irrevocable click of the mouse. And in the case of Andrew, whose story and appearance unavoidably reminds one of Edward Snowden, he has betrayed the United States. They do not do forgiveness. They might even (deniably of course) assassinate Andrew. Unless he surrenders. That would mean, at best, the rest of his natural life in isolation in a maximum security prison; pour encourager les autres. Right now, after secret flights and a press conference somewhere in Hong Kong, he appears, at the opening of the play, to be in a nondescript hotel room, presumed to be in Moscow. But one can take nothing on trust.

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