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‘The Old King in his Exile’ by Arno Geiger

TheOld King in His Exile book coverArno Geiger’s new book, The Old King in his Exile [High Wycombe: & Other Stories, 2017] is an uplifting memoir of the years in which he came to terms with his father’s transition into Alzheimer’s. Given that this is a situation we are all more likely to experience than ever before, these first-hand accounts can ease us more gently into understanding and into the ability to adapt and cope with what can only be a frightening experience without such help.

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Rembrandt Sings is my latest novel…


Book cover

“A fiendishly clever story written with self-assured panache as told by unreliable narrators. I was torn between a desire to race ahead to find out what would happen next and a wish to linger on and enjoy the prose. Why isn’t this a bestseller?”

Donald Sassoon,
Professor of Comparative European History,
Queen Mary, University of London

“Johnston’s handling of art and duplicity makes for a compelling composition – his colour and originality is tempered with enough sinister, dark and authoritative realism to entrap and engage the reader throughout.”

Philip Mould OBE, Director of Philip Mould & Company,
Specialist Dealer in British Art and Old Masters;
and co-presenter of BBC TV’s Fake or Fortune?


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